About LA

About LA

About LA

Los Angeles - An International City with Endless Things in it

LA is famous around the world.  Hollywood, beaches and all-year round sunshine are some of the things which immediately spring to mind.But this sprawling city of around 4 million inhabitants coming from over 140 different countries offers a diverse and unique place to situate oneself for higher education.

Get Credits from Top Institutions

LA is an international powerhouse of top universities offering a wide range of courses for all types of students. The California Institute of Technology is renowned as one of the best places to study science and engineering.  Many graduates will go on to work for NASA, Google or head straight to the SIlicon Valley equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to “make a dent in the universe” as Steve Jobs said. 

Being the second biggest city in the U.S, the variety higher education courses on offer is abundant.  Whether you’re interested in acting, science, literature or anything else, there are all kinds of fantastic educational institutions with dedicated professors in and around the vicinity of Los Angeles.

There’s Always Something to Do

LA captures the hearts of so many because it offers over 480 different museums and art galleries, great weather, beautiful beaches, fantastic food, a vibrant nightlife, rich cultural diversity, and much more.  The old maxim that ‘only boring people get bored’ couldn’t be more true in a place like Los Angeles. No matter what your interests are there will certainly be others to share your passion with.

Places of Outstanding Natural Beauty

One thing that often puts people off studying in big cities is the idea that they might feel suffocated by the intensity of a cosmopolitan lifestyle. One of the best things about living in LA is that the city is surrounded by areas of outstanding natural beauty.  There are tons of nature trails, hundreds of kilometers of the beautiful Pacific coastline and many national parks nearby.  If the city life starts to feel oppressive then you really don’t have to travel far in order to find somewhere quiet and secluded to unwind.