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Customized ESL

Customized ESL

LA ORT College offers Intensive English Learning Opportunities addressing the specific needs of particular groups coming from abroad. Students will be placed according to their individual level in our current English course with other international students. The curriculum addresses all skills: Grammar, Listening/Speaking, Reading, and Writing. Classes meet 18 hours a week Monday through Thursday from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm. Students should expect an hour of required homework nightly.

LA ORT College offers all levels of IEP courses (beginner to high advanced) as well as content-based courses for those students with a high proficiency of English. On the beginners level students focus on communication skills, as well as reading and writing in English. As the levels progress, students are exposed to more advanced English. In our most advanced courses, students will attend content-based courses similar to those taken at a university.

In addition to attending existing courses, groups may choose to have courses customized to their students’ goals or interests. These special instruction sessions will be created and scheduled according to your institution’s specifications and budget allowing for more practice in English. Some examples of those courses may be:

  • Academic Writing
  • American Literature
  • Business English
  • Medical English
  • American Studies
  • Grammar through Editing
  • Academic English
  • TOEFL Preparation

Being that ORT College is located in Los Angeles, it is recommended that groups add weekly sightseeing trips with instructors present. Instructors will facilitate the use of English and the understanding of American culture while students enjoy the many attractions offered in Los Angeles.

For prices, please contact us and provide the following information: size of the group, the possible lengths of your stay, participants’ careers and/or interests to allow us to make specific recommendations for your group. If you have specific places you would like to go in Los Angeles, please provide us with the names of these attractions. The price will be quoted per person for the cost of regular tuition with the add-on options of specialized courses per hour and/or weekly sightseeing trips.

* Minimum 4 weeks