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General English Program

General English Program


The English as a Second Language certification program at LA ORT provides students with the language skills necessary to become successful members of American society. Students experience a nurturing learning environment and the best instruction possible. The English as a Second Language certification teaches survival skills for entering the job market. The graduates of intermediate and advanced clusters (and levels) of this program have acquired sufficient English and job-related information to successfully begin work.

Our English as a Second Language certification focuses on vocational preparation, socialization skills, and functional grammar in a cumulative program. At each level, new language skills are presented while the skills learned in prior levels are reinforced by increasingly sophisticated applications of interpersonal communication. Listening, reading, and writing are incorporated into the syllabus at each level although the program focuses mainly on oral communication. Holidays are studied and issues of living and working in a multi-cultural society are covered in greater depth at each level.

Program Components

The diagram below highlights the major topics covered in the English as a Second Language certification classes. Upon successful completion, the ESL graduates receive a Diploma in English as a Second Language. For complete and detailed information please refer to the college catalog.

Entrance Requirements

Applicants for our English as a Second Language certification are required to take Placement Tests: written and oral. The test result determines student placement. As communication is the goal, placement is determined primarily by oral proficiency. New students are properly placed at the level consistent with their language skills.

Program Length

The English as a Second Language certification is divided into three clusters of Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Each cluster is divided in 4 to 6 courses. The daytime program is conducted Monday-Thursday for 5 hours a day, and Friday for 4 hours, combining for a total of 24 hours per week.

The evening program runs Monday-Thursday for 4.5 hours a day, combining for a total of 18 hours per week. The English as a Second Language certification daytime program runs for the duration of 30 weeks, and the evening program runs for 40 weeks total. Upon completion of 36/30/24 semester credit hours (720/600/480 clock hours), the student will receive a Diploma of graduation if he/she meets the graduation requirements. LA ORT also offers individual ESL levels as part of the 720, 600 and 480-hour overall programs.