Teacher Biography

David Omid

David Omid


My name is David Omid. I was born in Hamadan, one of the oldest cities in Iran. I finished kindergarten, elementary and middle schools at Ettehad which was affiliated with Alliance schools in France. My father was a pharmacist and my mother worked as a medical assistant in the nursing school office.  I was almost fourteen when we moved to Tehran, capital of Iran. That was a good opportunity for my father as far as higher income and position was considered and also the quality of education was better for me and my younger sister.

I finished high school in Tehran. Right after high school, I got accepted to College of Translation and Foreign Languages. In 1975 I received my BA degree in English. After graduation, I joined the army to do my military service. I was a lieutenant working at the Educational Department of the army as a translator. In 1977, I was discharged from the army. In 1978, I moved to Boston to pursue my higher education in Master’s degree.  In 1983, I graduated from Boston State College with a degree of Master of Science in Public Administration.

In 1991, I became The United State citizen. In 1992, I got married. In 1993, my wife and I with my eight-month old son moved to Los Angeles, California.  In LA, I had one part time teaching job and another full time job to support my family.  In 1995, I quit my evening full time position to teach ESL at the College of English Language on a full time basis. In 1997 the school was closed and I started working in a private mortgage company as a loan production assistant. In 2007 the company closed because of financial hardship and real estate market.  In the same year, I was hired as a part time ESL instructor at ORT College, and since then I am working at LA ORT College.